Casey Bradburn, Director of Client Development & Sales Gal

Casey Bradburn Director of Client Development & Sales Gal

Thanks for stopping by to say hi!

I wear a couple of different hats at Dakno, but if you are looking for information on how our products can benefit you, then I'm the one to talk to. :-)

A little bit about me: 

I have a cute husband and two adorable little boys who simultaneously give me so much joy AND gray hair that it's crazy. Let us all take a moment to say a great big thank you to my life sponsor, coffee. 

I've worked in various sales and management positions for over a decade and I so wish that I had a product like Dakno's in my previous life to help track and incubate leads. 

In high school I was voted 'Best Sense of Humor' and I have a laugh that can evidently be heard in a tri-state radius. I can only imagine this had something to do with the fact that they placed me in the very back corner of Dakno, in a space that is affectionately known as the "sales jail".

My musical taste ranges from Bach to Tupac.

And I like Schnauzers.

Let's schedule a call or demo because I want to learn all of this about you, too. And also how Dakno can partner up with you to help grow your brand and your business!

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