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The Smarter Way to

Capture and Convert

We know you've got real estate under control, so we're giving you the confidence to do the rest.

You're a busy person.

Of course you are, you're a real estate agent. It's a necessary part of the job. Your Marketing Platform should never add to your workload. It should work with you. Enjoy the freedom of automation and the tools you need to grow without breaking the bank.

Sorry, Zillow, the agent wins at this game

Your own home search feature on your site is the only way to make sure Zillow isn't giving your leads to other agents.

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Industry leading IDX generates more
and keeps them coming back

What's the point of having a ton of traffic to your site if you have no way to reach out to your leads? From CMA forms to forced registration and property organizer accounts, Dakno websites are designed to ensure that no potential clients pass you by.

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The CRM that's so
you don't have to use it to use it

No matter how your team wants to divvy up leads, DaknoAdmin can accommodate. With options for "round robin," "dibs," and "static" assignments, every form is customizable to fit your workflow.

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A custom design without the
custom price

There's no need to waste time babysitting leads. DaknoAdmin can keep an eye on your users' activities and is smart enough to alert you when they start becoming more active. Plus with daily to-do lists, DaknoAdmin will send you a report of everything you need to get done each day.

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Meet your new marketing team

Looking for a marketing partner? Our services don't just stop with software, we also provide a whole team of in-house marketers, copywriters, designers, and developers who are ready and waiting to partner with you and create an extensive marketing strategy.

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Return on Investment

The best part of DaknoAdmin is that you're not actually spending money. The return on investment you get from this product pays for itself.

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