Dakno Messenger

Reach More Leads, Close More Sales

Take Lead Follow-Up to the Next Level

With Dakno Messenger you can now follow up with leads no matter if they text, call, or email. Reach out to any lead in your database. 

Where Organization Meets Conversions

Whether your leads prefer to text or call, know that you can reach out in a way that fits their preferences and leads to quicker conversions.

Lead Follow-Up from Anywhere

Enjoy the freedom of reaching out to your leads from wherever you are, and know that DaknoAdmin will keep track of your correspondence.

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As Easy As Sending an Email

With Dakno Messenger and DaknoAdmin, adding a contact is as easy as sending an email to that contact! Our smart CRM will automatically pull in social media and other details.

Never Forget a Lead Follow-Up

Seamless integration with DaknoAdmin means you'll be reminded when it's time to follow up with a lead. This system is smart enough to only update you about the most qualified leads.

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