Beauty & Brains

Strategic Website Design

Don't just be brilliant. Be brilliant and breathtaking.

Cutting Edge Design

There's the rest and there's us. Dakno's creative team is hell-bent on delivering design that cuts to the heart of what leads want to see.


Mobile Friendly Design

  • Mobile VersionThe power of your brand and site in beautiful, thumb friendly format. From swipe to generated lead in no time flat.
  • CSS Mobile EnhancedYour new site is gorgeous and it deserves to be that way on mobile devices too. Our designs don't strip it for mobility.
  • Responsive AvailableYour well-crafted Select and Superior site will never have to be a victim of amputation simply because the viewing screen shrinks.

Strategic Composition

"Everything with a purpose." This is the mantra that we commit to when designing your site. We're always thinking 5 moves ahead to keep you winning.

  • Optimal Wireframes Layouts done the right way with everything in its place. The pawn isn't the queen and the knight isn't the king.
  • Engagement Focused Give the people what they want and when they want it. Laser-focused functionality is the name of this game.
  • Analytics Minded With years of ongoing research under our belt, we continue to analyze what leads want to see and build to please.
  • Branding & Identity Whether it's a brand you want strengthened or you need a powerful one from scratch, we've got you covered.

Stand Out From The Crowd With

Custom Design

You're better than the status quo. Don't settle for simply blending into the crowd. With our jaw-dropping custom design, you'll be everything they wish they were.

Fully-Custom Design Starting at: $1599


A Taste of Our Work

No matter your palate, we can build a custom site to satisfy it. Fully customized design tailored to your desires and always with functionality in mind.

It’s Not Just About Looking Good

Let’s Get Down To Business

Learn About The Lead Generation System That Powers Breath-Taking Website Design

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Convinced yet? If you want the best in online marketing and real estate web design, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about our services.
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