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Dakno Integrates with Zapier

Streamlined Integration with Zapier

You don't have to pick and choose between your favorite apps and the sleekness of a Dakno Website. With our Zapier integration, you can have it all. Zapier allows you to easily build connections between your favorite apps, and you can choose from thousands of apps that are supported on Zapier.

We'll Walk You Through It

Zapier Provides Effortless Integration Here's What We Mean

Zapier Integration works like this: Once you set up a Zapier account, you can begin to create "zaps" between your favorite apps. Every zap starts with a trigger. When something occurs on one app, that's a trigger. That trigger than creates an action on a different app. For example:

Dakno Admin to An Outside App

  • When a new lead fills out a form on your Dakno Admin site, have them automatically added as a contact on Gmail.

  • Everytime a new lead comes in on your Dakno Site, have your texting software reach out to them with a pre-written message.

  • When you mark a lead as converted in DaknoAdmin, it can automatically start the closing process in your transaction management platform, like Realvolve.

An Outside App to Dakno Admin

  • Add new Calendly Invites to Dakno Admin as leads.

  • Add new MailChimp subscribers to Dakno Admin as leads.

  • Likewise, when you add a new contact on Gmail it will automatically create a new contact for that person on Dakno Admin.

  • If someone registers for your event on EventBrite, it will automatically be added to Dakno Admin's CRM.

Less Time Juggling Apps, More Time Closing Deals

Quit wasting your time using a dozen different apps, and let Dakno Admin do it for you. Our effortless integration with Zapier makes it easier than ever to house all your apps, meetings, appointments, and contacts in one location.

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