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Target Market Real Estate Web Sites

Want High Quality Leads and a Reputation for Expertise?

Target Market web sites provide Realtors high quality leads and validate you as the expert by creating an instant emotional connection with your visitors. This is accomplished immediately through proper web design and WOW content. Consumers who turn to the web for real estate answers are interested in information that is specifically designed to satisfy their wants and needs, while quieting their fears. An Internet Empowered Consumer (IEC) won't take the time to review a web site if it isn't clear from the get go that they've arrived at the right place to find what they're looking for. Instead they'll click that back button and resume browsing Google or Yahoo without giving you and your web site a second thought.

All Things to Everyone = Nothing to Anyone

The wealth of information available on the Internet means there is no shortage of real estate resources. The danger of a waterdowned message is that your web site will not impress upon a new visitor in that critical first moment that this is the only place on the Web they'll need to find their next home. With millions of options, the consumer can decide to leave your web site without giving it a chance without regret. Don't let them! Instead, do the sensible thing and give them exactly what you know they want.

Determining a Target Market is Simple

Consider your personal strengths and weaknesses and your current business model to see where your success has come from in the past. Leveraging an existing network is much easier than starting fresh. Many Realtors have a group of people they have worked with in the past they've not stayed in touch with. Renewing these relationships is an easy and smart way to increase your sphere of influence.

Another obvious way to find market opportunities is to monitor trends. For example, if new communities are becoming more prevalent in your area, take advantage. If the downtown is being revitalized, learn about apartments and lofts, even if you haven't listed many before. Someone will be cashing those commission checks, so why not you?

If I Target One Market, Won't I Eliminate Potential Business From Others?

Target marketing requires businesses to look at the financial Big Picture. There is a chance that you will see a dip in your profits from real estate markets outside of your targeted audience if you focus your time, energy and resources in one area. However, your overall business will be given the opportunity to grow exponentially as you see a dramatic increase in profits from your targeted market.

By speaking directly to a group that knows what they want, you will cut down on leads that drain time but in the end weren't serious. Internet real estate buyers are more informed and know better what they want than traditional buyers, so having a website just for them means you'll spend more time writing up contracts and less time driving window shoppers around.

Are you ready to ditch the "tire kickers" and target your web presence for quality leads? If so, contact the marketing experts here at Dakno Marketing!

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