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Social Media Logins

We want to make your life easier—and by extension, your clients' lives. That's why we've been pouring time into our latest update: social media logins! Now, your clients can browse listings on your site and create a new account by simply linking their Facebook or Google accounts—no form completions necessary. 

Take a look at a few of the fast facts and benefits of social media logins, and let us know when you're ready to make the upgrade. 

The Facts


3 in 5 users

are likely to choose the social media login option on mobile devices


4 in 5 users

are turned off by having to enter too much info create an account


9 in 10 users

will leave a site instead of resetting a forgotten password


9 in 10 users

entered incorrect or incomplete info when registering

The Perks

You Maximize User Experience

Consult any Google insider or SEO guide, and they'll tell you: these days, it's all about user experience—and that even extends to your login procedures. By simplifying the account creation process, users are encouraged to spend more time on your site, exploring listings and resources to find what they're looking for. And what does a satisfied user (hopefully) do? Shares your site with other users in their network. You hear that? That's all those new leads rolling in. 

You Benefit from Our Latest Updates

In order to activate our new social login capabilities, you'll need to have Dakno IDX and to update your site from Dakno Legacy. An added bonus: social login isn't the only major perk that comes with updating—you'll also be eligible for things like Zapier integration, texting capabilities through your Dakno Messenger app, and the complete contact automation database (not to mention the other exciting updates we have in store). Basically, your life is about to get a whole lot easier. 

You Gain More (Accurate) Leads

Like we mentioned earlier, people are way more likely to enter incomplete or incorrect information when creating a new account if they have to fill out all of the fields on their own. With social media logins in place, you'll be gaining access to much more accurate information, meaning fewer bounced emails and more potential clients. 

What You'll Need to Do First

number one

Enable HTTPS

number two

Set up Dakno IDX

number three

Upgrade from Dakno Legacy

Ready to Get the Ball Rolling?

If you're ready to set up social media logins on your site, then we're ready to get it taken care of—just give us a call or get in touch with your account manager! Already have social media logins enabled and curious about the other services and updates we've been rolling out? We'd love to tell you more about those, too!

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