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Graphic Design

Your Real Estate Marketings Materials Must Have Curb-Appeal

Just like your listings should convey great "curb appeal", your real estate marketing materials should communicate the same message. Like that beautiful property should "invite" prospects to come inside to take a closer look, your website, flyers, ads, and postcards should solicit a response and encourage the prospect to take action! At Dakno, we understand this dynamic and we ensure each project accomplishes this priority. Remember, a visitor to your real estate website will make a quality judgment before they’ve read a single word of copy. So, just as it’s true in home sales, that initial reaction is critical.

But a beautiful real estate web design alone isn’t enough to qualify a design as effective. If a website is not well organized, visitors will not take the time needed to hunt down the information they seek. The back button looms large, and most people’s fingers are poised above that mouse, waiting for an excuse to click away. And unlike a home showing, where an agent can work to counteract a negative opinion, a website has only one chance. Once your potential clients exit the website, they are gone for good, unlikely to ever return.

The look and feel of your marketing materials plays a big part in how effective they will be as selling tools. Promotional pieces should be designed by a professional for a variety of reasons:

  • The design clearly defines what you do or who you are
  • An experienced hand and an artistic eye will keep your public image sharp and on-point
  • Brand consistency from media to media develops brand equity which builds trust
  • Each piece should solicit a strong "call to action"
  • Understanding viewing habits ensures information is presented logically and effectively
  • Proper use of typography keeps the sales message front and center, instead of the font
  • Correct electronic file formatting and management helps avoid costly production errors
  • Creation of a "style guide" for brand consistency is a must
  • A good graphic designer will consider things like color theory, negative space, setting focus and call to action placement.

Our design capabilities:

    1. Real estate web design
    2. Branded PDF's
    3. Property flyers
    4. Postcard mailers
    5. Print advertising (newspaper, Homes & Land, Harmon Homes, magazine)
    6. Car wrap design
    7. Logo development
    8. Book covers

Do You "FSBO" Your Design Work?

Let's face it; your job is demanding enough (listing appointments, following up with a lender, that home inspection). Now add another task to your role (graphic designer), and your life could spin completely out of control robbing you of valuable time you should devote to your core competency. Plus, in today's competitive marketplace, sellers expect more and they are counting on you to effectively and professionally market their properties. With thousands of dollars on the line and your reputation at stake, are you offering your clients your very best?

Like to know more about how Dakno can design for your success? Contact us and we will take your marketing materials and make them pay big dividends for you and for your clients.

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