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Co-Marketing Lender Solutions

What Exactly Does Co-marketing Mean?

Comarketing is a unique opportunity for lenders and other real estate partners to pool resources in order to pay for advertising.

A lender who wants to contribute to specific lender or broker's marketing package (whether PPC or organic SEO marketing efforts), will be compensated with strategically placed advertisements.   

Can More Than One Lender Participate?

Absolutely! Keep in mind, advertisements will likely be distributed proportionately by lender contribution. In other words, if lender A is contributing 30% of the budget and lender B is contributing 20% of the budget, lender A will receive more advertising than lender B on a round robin bases (e.g. 2 advertisements to A and 1 advertisement to B).

Where Will the Lender's Business Appear?

This depends on the lender and agent's marketing needs. There are many of options that could be agreed upon. For example the lender's information could appear on a:

  • PPC landing page
  • Property detail pages
  • Agent's staff/network page
  • Agent's contact page
  • Billboard
  • Piece of print media

If the lender or agent have any specific ideas or needs about the placement of their advertisement, we're flexible and happy to accommodate them.  

What Happens if the Lender's Credit Card Doesn't Go Through?

Ultimately, the agent or broker is responsible for all billing. Dakno's contract is with the agent; the lender's contract is with the agent or broker.   

How are Lenders Billed?

Lenders are billed at the beginning of each month. They will have a separate invoice from the agent or broker. By default the lender's invoice will only be the portion of the bill that the lender is responsible for; however, we will send custom invoices, at the agent or lender's request.

If a lender would like to begin paying in the middle of the month, that's fine. Rather than paying for that month right away, the lender will be billed during the second month for the first and second month. For example, if a lender wanted to start comarketing in the middle of October, they would be billed at the beginning of November for October and November.

Due to the nature of PPC advertising, we cannot offer refunds.

Is There a Contract for Participating in Comarketing?

Nope! Dakno is in contract with the agent, not the lender. Any agreements or contracts formed will need to go through the agent.

Where Will Receipts and Invoices be Sent?  

Separate invoices will be sent to the agent and lender directly via email. By default the lender will only see the portion of the bill that they are responsible for, and the agent will only see the portion of the bill that they are responsible. However, we will send invoices with additional information, at the agent or lender's request.

What Happens if the Agent Stops Marketing While the Lender is Connected Through Their Marketing?

When the agent cancels, the lender cancels too. The lender will be notified by billing should this occur.

What Should a Lender Do if They Feel Their Invoice is not Accurate?

The lender is encouraged to reach out to their agent or to Dakno billing directly. We're happy to send an invoice to itemize what the lender paying compared to what the agent is spending. If there are any questions about the billing, don't hesitate to reach out.

What Happens if the Lender Decide to Stop Co-marketing?

The lender must submit written notice of their intent to cancel in an email to no later than 10 days prior to their billing date. For clerical reasons, please allow 10 days for cancellations.

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