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Your Real Estate Marketing Budget

Individual agents, broker owners and agencies all must keep a close eye on the bottom line. Our account managers understand this, which is why the first order of business is to develop a plan that will prioritize the projects we'll tackle together, doing as much work as the budget allows.

For agents and brokers who are on a limited marketing budget, you should consider a phased approach to development and promotion of your new website. This not only keeps your initial cost down, it also allows you to get a website up and working to capture you leads in the least amount of time. Once your website is up and running, examination and analysis of your web stats will allow you to focus on the sensitive areas of your website allowing it to be enhanced, refined, tweaked, and grown. In fact, our backend control panel, Dakno Admin, was designed with this approach in mind.

"How Much Will My Website Cost?"

Talk about Frequently Asked Questions! Just like it's impossible to respond to the simple question, " How much does a house cost?" with a simple answer, we can't tell you how much a website will cost. What we can do is quote you a price for building a website to your exact specifications (which we can gladly help you define by creating a site map ), or we can work back from your budgeted amount and create you a website that can do as much of what you want as possible.

Our Websites Pay for Themselves

We know that a single sale will almost certainly cover your development costs, but we also know that doesn't change the fact that you need to pay up front! That's why we split our custom website development contract invoices into 2 equal payments, spread out across two months. We offer this fee structure for Superior custom websites free of any finance charge or service fees.

Enhancements and Promotional Efforts

The amount of work you decide is right for you will of course depend on many things, not least of which is your marketing budget. The reality in business is that the decision to spend unfortunately isn't entirely dependent on Return On Investment (ROI). Dakno understands that sometimes it is simply a matter of cash flow. That's why we offer three ways to structure payment for the broad range of marketing and marketing related services we offer:

  1. Hourly
  2. Project
  3. Retainer

Your Marketing Budget?

REALTORS® work with folks everyday who are making big financial decisions, and though the cost of developing a real estate website isn't anywhere near the cost of a house, the sensitivity and openness needed when discussing dollars and cents has rubbed off on us over the years anyway. The reality is this, many agents and brokers in business today fail to conceptualize a marketing budget nor have they given serious consideration to developing a marketing plan. If you fall in this category, we would be happy to help you formulate a marketing plan that fits your marketing budget. The money matters of your business should be discussed and crystallized with your money managers and/or financial advisors. The point being - those who fail to plan - plan to fail!

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