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The Dakno Marketing Way

"Here’s the Thing…"

Everyone in the real estate industry agrees that in today’s market, be it hot or cold, for first-time buyers or luxury vacation homes, a Realtor must have a website to be competitive. But that’s about the only thing there’s agreement on. The sometimes conflicting information that is available gives the impression that how to go about developing an effective web presence is open to interpretation. Do a little research and it quickly becomes evident there are as many opinions about what defines a “good” website (and plenty of self-proclaimed experts to offer them) as there are pages on the Internet.

Dakno’s experience developing countless fully customized websites has taught us there is only one factor that truly sets a real estate website apart: leads. When we develop a website with a client, no matter its size or scope, we evaluate every one of the hundreds of decisions made during the process by asking if it will increase the chances of capturing a lead. If the answer to this simple question is no, we’ll tell you so, even if it isn’t necessarily what you’d like to hear.

An Educated Client Is a Happy Client

We conduct ourselves, both as individuals and as a company, in keeping with this simple truth: people don’t like to be manipulated. We understand that if instead you provide them all the information they need to make an informed decision, they will appreciate your openness and reward you with their business now, and perhaps even more importantly, in the future.

We also understand that trust is earned, not given, which is why we take the time to explain to clients the reasons behind the things we do when designing, developing and promoting websites. Expertise is what sets a professional apart, and by sharing our understanding of the sometimes overwhelmingly complicated world of the Internet, we provide the facts you need to confidently decide which direction to take your website and business.

Building Trust Builds Relationships

Too often, in the interest of time (or because it’s just that much easier), service providers will take the “just trust me” route. As the buying public, we usually feel uneasy with this arrangement, but since we’re in a position of need, and because we often lack the knowledge and understanding needed to represent our own best interests, we go along and take the expert's word for it. After all, they do it for a living, right?

Well, we all know how that story ends. And maybe the most aggravating thing when this happens is that infuriating feeling you get when you eventually “know better” and look back and see that you’ve been had. At Dakno we will never use a client’s ignorance against them. You will always be told why we make our recommendations and have the option to accept our guidance or to go your own way. At the end of the day the customer may not always be right, but they do sign the checks, so they certainly get want they want!

Why Should Another Realtor’s Success Matters to You?

Dakno Admin, the control panel we developed that allows you to enhance, grow and manage your Dakno website, is the result of many years of using this approach to real estate website development. The custom programming of numerous top-producing Realtors from around the United States and Canada we have worked with has been distilled down and refined to include the most sought after, valued, and proven functionality that makes a website a powerful selling tool.

And because our understanding of effective website design is constantly being refined, so is our product line and services. Dakno Admin, like all the best business systems, is a work in progress, and as improvements are made due to insights we gain from working with our many savvy and driven partners, the resulting enhancements are passed along to you automatically and free of charge.

Never Being Satisfied Is What Sets Us Apart

At a certain point a company’s record of success begins to speak for itself, but while we are proud of our accomplishments, at Dakno we tend to be more concerned with looking ahead than back. Of course evaluating what you have done is crucial in business, which is why we are big believers in constantly analyzing a website’s ongoing performance, looking for ways to improve and refine it.

By constantly seeking to understand why an individual website succeeds at generating leads, we learn the techniques that allow us to replicate that success for all of our clients. We apply this approach to every aspect of our company in an ongoing effort to improve the quality of our work. Please take the time to browse our website to get a better understanding of the ways we strive to earn your trust first, and your business as a result. And as always, don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a question that isn’t addressed, would like clarification on a topic, or are ready to get started. Thank you for your valuable time.

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