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Current Job Openings

Interested in working with Dakno Real Estate Marketing? Check out our current job postings.

Creative Copywriter

We want you to use your words! 

Customer Technical Support

Help our customers make the most of our solutions.

Marketing Intern (Part-Time)

Jumpstart your marketing career!

Design Intern (Part-Time)

Showcase your talents, gain real-world experience. 

Tips for Applicants

We receive a high volume of applications. To stand out, follow this formula for success.

Submitting Your Resume

  • Save it as a PDF. If you send your resume as a Word doc the formatting might look a little skewed on our end.  We would also be able to notice all of those squiggly lines, the blinking cursor, and the other back-end stuff you don't really want us to see. A PDF looks much cleaner and more professional.
  • Name your resume file something identifiable. It's hard to keep track of 50 resumes that are named "resume.pdf." Do us a favor and include your name!
  • Don't leave your email blank. When you submit your resume as an attachment, go ahead and put your cover letter in the body of the email. Not only does it look neat, but you would save us an extra step. :-)
  • Remind us how we met! If we've spoken before, be sure to give us a little reminder in your cover letter.
  • Include a cover letter. Applicants who do not include a cover letter will not be considered for employment.

How to Nail an Interview at Dakno

  • Let your personality shine. Company culture is extremely important to us, so we want to see that you would be a great person to work with.
  • Be quick on your feet. Be ready to answer any question that is thrown at you.
  • Sell yourself. What can you do for us? If there was ever a time to brag, this is it.
  • Back it up. Don’t just tell us all of the reasons why you’re awesome, show us — have tangible examples!

Essential Traits for Success at Dakno

Our ideal candidate is:

  • Tech-savvy
  • A problem-solver
  • Detail-oriented
  • Optimistic
  • Cool under pressure

Best of luck!

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