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Website Prep

One of the key ingredients of real estate web design happens before a single line of code is written - The website strategy. It’s important that a website speak to a target audience (whether demographic, geographic or physiographic) and then compel them to interact. With this in mind, we typically work with clients to ensure all these pieces are in place before we begin the development process of a custom real estate web site. Below is a breakdown of what we cover to ensure your custom website is targeted and strategically designed to compel a site visitor to interact..

Target Market Value Proposition

Your Account manger will complete an analysis of your target market to identify their Needs, Wants, Fears and Desires. In other words, we want to know what makes your target market “tick.”

Marketing Strategy Brainstorming Session

During this session, our team uses the facts gathered during our initial call to begin to analyze you and your target market. The goal of this session is to determine how to create awareness and value, differentiate you from your competition and how to compel your target market to take action.

Site Value Proposition

We combine all the planning and work completed to create your site’s value proposition. This will outline your target market, your suggested “high value” content and how you will brand the site.

Site Value Call

During this call, we discuss the progress made thus far. It’s important that we get your feedback to make sure we are on the right track. We will also discuss potential ideas for site engagement opportunities or "Irresistible Offers".

Irresistible Offer and WOW Content

Once again, our team joins together for brainstorming. In this session we create ideas for Irresistible Offers.

Irresistible Offer Planner

We will complete and submit this planner which outlines Irresistible Offers. Each offer will have the following attributes – well structured, uniquely branded to you, compelling headline and suggested accompanying materials (such as a follow up drip or included audio interview).

Special Content Planner

We will complete and submit this planner that outlines any “WOW content” that will be incorporated into your custom web site. WOW content is anything on your site that gives value to the client and allows them to truly use your site as a resource. For example, an interactive calculator that instantly calculates ROI on an investment property.

Site Map Bubble Map Creation

We will create a bubble map based on your target market using Irresistible Offers, WOW Content and additional sections of the site.

Site Map Review Call

During this call, we will review the sitemap and discuss edits and enhancements that need to be made.

Website Copy

We evaluate each element of your copy. We then write copy that incorporates headlines, search engine optimized text and calls to interaction for each page.

Ready to Build Your Custom Dakno Real Estate Website?

If so, contact a member of the team here at Dakno Real Estate Marketing and together, we will begin the process of discovery and development of your custom web site.

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