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Serving as a valuable component of the total Dakno marketing solution, Real Estate Virtual Assistants contribute to the ongoing success of our clients needs. You will find Virtual Assistants involved in the day-to-day administrative, creative and technical details for our client's online presence. This allows you to focus on what you do best - helping people buy and sell real estate! Below are a few of the task a Dakno Virtual Assistant can perform for you:

  • Blog Maintenance
  • Website Content Management
  • Populating Listing Information
  • Listing Syndication
  • Research & Fact Checking
  • Client Database Management
  • Assistance with Lead Management
  • Press Release distribution
  • And much more!

Why Use A Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

You got into the real estate business to help people buy and sell houses, not to sit in front of a computer all day doing a bunch of “stuff” that seems to get you nowhere. That’s where a Virtual Assistant (VA) comes in. Rather than hire a full-time employee you'll have to pay even if there's no work to keep them busy, you can use a helping hand only when needed.

Ongoing Tasks

Your VA will work with you to create a procedure for ongoing tasks. This provides clarity for both the VA and yourself on what is expected. From there, you don’t have to worry about it again. It just happens.

Single Task Request

You simply email or call (toll free) your Virtual Assistant and give them the task. They will then email you when the task is complete.

Common Questions About Virtual Assistants

How Much Does It Cost?
Dakno Virtual Assistants charge $35/hour. There are no minimum hours, monthly retainers or other restrictions. And to make it easier on our clients, we handle the billing process for them.

Other Companies Offer VA Services. Why Should I Choose Yours?
Our VA's don’t do everything. But what they do, they do well! Our VA's are certified Dakno Admin specialists who have a superior understanding of Dakno’s web sites and marketing approach. This means that they will perform the task faster, better and at more of a cost savings to you.

How Do I Get Started?
Getting started is easy. Just contact us and we will set up a time to talk with you about your specific needs. We will then assign a VA who is the best fit for you. Remember, there is no contract to sign or minimum hours required to use these services.

Convinced yet? If you want the best in online marketing and real estate web design, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about our services.
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