Kristin Packer, Account Manager

Kristin Packer Account Manager

Is it really considered work when you're having this much fun?!

I love my work here at Dakno. One of my favorite aspects of my job is helping my clients find their niche and what makes them unique. All of my clients are different, and I love finding their strengths and utilizing it in their marketing strategy.

My international business background has made me passionate about working with clients from all over the country. Even though I haven't been to all of their areas, I love exploring vicariously through them and the research I do for their marketing efforts.

I'm the kind of person who's always looking to explore. My thirst for adventure has lead me to 19 different countries including the Czech Republic, Hungary, Switzerland, Portugal, the Dominican Republic and Mexico. Currently I'm slowly chipping away at my bucket list goal of visiting all of the national parks in the U.S.

It's tough for me to sit still, so I've channeled that energy into exercise and running in particular. I've completed a few half marathons (not quite as impressive as a full marathon, but I'm a glass half full kinda girl). And in case you didn't notice, dry humor is one of my specialties–at least some of my coworkers and clients appreciate it!

If you need help figuring out your special niche, don't hesitate to give me a call! I'm here Monday-Friday

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