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Creating the Next Generation Real Estate Agency

The characteristics all progressive, leading edge agencies share to varying degrees are:

  1. Leaders in understanding and leveraging technology
  2. Excellent at creating compelling content and masters at content distribution. This positions the agency as an authoritative voice in their respective markets
  3. Ability to curate content and effectively share it
  4. Keen ability to connect with their local target audience leveraging digital marketing and old school marketing tactics. Thoroughly understands their core consumer client base and has the ability to be seen as industry leaders with their peers and vendor partners
  5. Ability to surround themselves with really smart people who execute their brand for greater visibility (internal - staff - team) and (external - vendor support)
  6. Creating the next generation agency also means:
  7. understanding your strengths and weaknesses-delegate where needed
    1. achieve a work-life balance for you and your entire team
    2. Have a plan for future growth.
    3. Avoid growing too quickly


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