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Now more than ever, search engine placement is critical. It not only determines the amount of traffic coming to your website, it also determines the quality of your website visitors and ultimately how many leads come in to your inbox. Of course this is all predicated on providing ample opportunities for website visitor interaction with many auto responders or what we refer to as unique irresistible offers. So the million dollar question heard time and again is; " How can my website appear on page 1 for the Google and Yahoo search results"?

The Four Pillars of Superior Search Engine Placement

The four core elements used to obtain superior search engine placement include the use of highly Targeted Site Theme, Optimized Pages within your website, Creditable Online Endorsements and your ability to Track your results. Each of these elements are fully explained below.

Site Theme - Keywords

The foundation of each website designed and developed by Dakno Marketing includes organically rich keywords to embrace your website visitor. We begin by developing site and page themes and keywords that match the terms your market uses to search by. Using a comprehensive keyword analysis, we determine which terms match your target market. Because organic search engine optimization is evolving daily, we maintain an " ahead of the curve mentality" by using the latest Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) tools to analyze and select the strongest theme for your website providing you every advantage for stronger search engine placement.

Optimized Pages

After we have identified and analyzed the theme and keywords that accurately fit your market, we ensure that each page of your website accurately reflects that theme. This is accomplished through the use of title tags, anchor text and heading tags. In addition, the search engines can easily access page navigation, links and site maps.

Validate Your Online Creditability

The next imperative is to develop an off-page SEO strategy. This is accomplished by creating numerous online endorsements and delivery of high-value content to validate your value, benefit and services to both your web visitors and search engines. The goal is to always encourage credibility in the eyes of two primary entities - search engines and website visitors.

Establish a Benchmark and Track

Without measurable benchmarking, no amount of SEO work can be define a success. We will incorporate following tools to maintain a perspective and determine your sites success based on Google Alerts, Weekly Analytic Reporting, and timely consultation to keep each Dakno client abreast of your site's performance.

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