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It's Time to Be Original and Connect!

You recognize good copywriting immediately! It draws you in and keeps you digging deeper for more. There really is a lost art to writing captivating copy for Real Estate Websites! Unfortunately, too many real estate agents and brokers miss the golden opportunity to "connect" with their site visitors by offering high-value, unique content. Instead, many websites are filled with "canned" articles a site visitor can find littered all over the Web. Internet savvy visitors demand more.

In addition, search engines will simply skip over your website if they don't see anything fresh and original. Your web copy doesn't have to be that way. Instead it could be selling your expertise and services 24/7.

Does Your Copy Speak the Language?

Our copywriters will work with you to identify your target audience and develop copy that speaks to that specific market. After all, you would never speak to a luxury home buyer the same way you would speak to a first time home buyer in person, so make sure your copy doesn't either. Together, we will determine the specific wants, needs and fears of your target market to ensure the copy addresses the site visitor's psychological and emotional profile and embraces your potential buyer or seller.

When writing effective copy for your real estate website or blog, we will:

  • ensure your copy is structured so it's easy to read and "scanner-friendly" since very few people read every word on a website.
  • Use bullet points and lists to help break up text on a page. Lists allow for much needed “white space” that enables the reader's eyes to rest.
  • Provide digestible copy by keeping it brief. This eliminates the need for "endless scrolling pages" which can be a turn off.
  • Integrate thematic optimization and solid keywords for search engines by using the latest Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) technology .
  • Speak the language of your target market in your copy and connect with visitors on an emotional level.
  • Always end your article or copy with a strong call to action!
  • Use imagery, photos or illustrations to increase visual interest, break up the text, and create more white space.
  • Avoid repeating "I" in your copy. Site visitors have all the power when visiting your real estate website, and they are concerned only with their needs. Your copy should take this into account.

Common Questions about Real Estate Copywriting

I see so many links in your copy on your website. Is that important for my new site?
Linking accomplishes two main objectives for your website, it helps create a "sticky" website so visitors stay longer and linking makes keywords more visible to search engines which is critical for good SEO. If you would like to schedule a conference call to discuss your copywriting project for your website, please contact us.

If keywords are so important for SEO, why not have long articles filled with great keywords?
We live in an age of information overload. Given that site visitors mostly "scan" articles, how much information can one expect site visitors to retain if your article is long? You risk driving away a prospect if they view an article as a "War and Peace" novel.

I just don't have time to keep my real estate blog updated. Can you Ghost Write for my blog?
Yes, we understand that your primary job is a Realtor and not a Real Estate Copywriter. But we also want to make sure we are a good "fit." After all, it's important that we maintain your "blog voice."

My question about Copywriting is not listed here. Can you help me anyway?
Sure, simply contact us and we will address your problem right away.

Convinced yet? If you want the best in online marketing and real estate web design, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about our services.
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