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Add a New Neighborhood

Adding a Neighborhood Page to Sub Navigation

Page Address

Unique page name that is the end of the URL after .com/neighborhood/
Example: hamlin-plantation-mount-pleasant
Words should be all lower case and separated by hyphens.


Name of the Neighborhood

Title Tag

Name of neighborhood for search engine result. First item the search engines recognize about your page.
64 character limit.

Meta Description

160 character marketing description of the Title Tag and content of the page.
Recommend to begin sentences with verb.

RSS Feed

You can add an RSS link feed here and the feed will appear at the bottom of the content on this page.
A category or a tag from your blog with /feed on the end of the URL creates a feed link.
Here is an example of a RSS feed link from a category:

Manual Geocode

Leave to no. After you save this neighborhood, if longitude/latitude read 999.9 then Google does not know the location of the neighborhood. You then have the option to manually enter the latitude and longitude by setting the Manual Geocode = YES then manually entering the longitude/latitude.  Here is the Dakno manual geofinder:


Seldom used. Only if you have a featured neighborhood previewer on your home page.
Your project manager will know if this feature applies to your home page.

Neighborhood Details Options

Allows you to Iframe in another website page into your unique page.
Note - You will only do this if you simply want to Iframe another site and do not want unique content on this page.

Keep mls_link: and replace with the URL you want to Iframe into the page.

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