Help Files

Manage Menus

Reorder Main Menu

You may reorder your main menu from left to right by clicking on Reorder Main Menu and dragging the menu item up or down and clicking save.

Reorder Flyout Menu

Choose the Section for the Flyout Menu and follow same instructions for Reordering Main Menu.

Flyout Menu

Dropdown menu from the main menu categories. Also known as sub menu.

Add/Edit Menus

Reorder Navigation Item Connection

If you would like buyers to go to a different page.

Go to the preferred webpage and highlight the page name found at the end of the URL.

Example: form-buying-guide.php.

Copy the page name. Go to Buyers Main Navigation and select edit. Paste the selected page name into the Menu Link.

Click Save.

Menu Name

What name you want the menu option to have.

Menu Link

The URL of the page that you want your page name to link to

Main Image

Do not edit.

Over Image

Do not edit.

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