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Font choice is a very important part of website design. They can help bring across a feeling of luxury or boldness, help cater to your audience. Your font choices should also be legible and fit in with the overall impression you want to give visitors. However, fonts can be a little tricky in that not everyone has the same computer as you do. Different computers have different fonts installed, and while some fonts are found on nearly every computer, others - such as Helvetica - are not. Keep in mind that a font may be ideal for a feature graphic - but not ideal for the general text on the website. To help your website look similar across all computers and operating systems, we have developed font stacks for the most common fonts and we also utilize Google Fonts. If you find a font there that you want to use for your text, just let us know.

We've also put together a tool that will help you look through and select fonts you may like for your website.

Select fonts for header and body text

Or Try One of the Combos We Like


*Indicates a Google Font that will appear nearly the same on every browser/OS. Google fonts may add a little extra load time to your site depending on what font you choose.

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