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The Auto Blogging Plugin allows you to automatically populate content from other sources directly into your SwiftBlog. This tool can be setup to automatically publish new content or save it as a draft allowing you to first edit the content and then publish.

Setting Up the Auto Blogging Plugin

To get started, you will first need to enable the plugin on your SwiftBlog. To do this, simply click the Plugins Menu and then Activate by AutoBlog.


You will now see the AutoBlog menu. Hover over the AutoBlog menu and click on "All Feeds"



Next, click the add new feed button.



You will now be able to configure your need Auto Blogging Feed. We suggest the following options...

Your Title: This is strictly for your reference, any title will work.

Your Feed: This is the actual feed that you will be importing (such as http://blog.dakno.com/feed or http://blog.dakno.com/category/seo/feed)

Default status for new posts: You may choose to have this content automatically published or set as a draft. Be sure to use Draft if you would first like to review the posts and then manually publish them.

You can customize the additional options as needed. If you get stuck, simply click the help icon by each field.

At the bottom of the page, be sure to choose how often you wish to process your feed. We recomend selecting "every day."


Once you click the Add Feed button, your feed will automatically process at the set interval you selected. If you wish, you may imedially process the feed by hovering over your newly created feed and clicking on the Process link.


If you wish, you may add multiple feeds and have them default to various categories by repeating the steps above.

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