Your Blogging Domain Strategy

There are two different strategies for your blog domain.

Blog Hosted on its Own Domain

Your blog can be hosted on its own domain. This is a great strategy if your website is centered around your personal brand and you want to position your blog as more of a community resource.
Example: - site with personal branding - more community focused

Blog Hosted Within your Website

The other strategy is to more seamlessly incorporate your blog within your website. In this case, your blog will actually be a part of your domain (such as This is a great strategy if you want to use your blog to help build Search Engine Optimization for your domain or want your blog to be more closely tied to your website.
Example: - incorporated into her website

It's important to note that the level of "blog integration" may be limited to your website. SwiftSites have the ability to seamless integrate with SwiftBlogs. However, some website solutions may not provide this level of seamless integration. While it's still possible, your design and menu may slightly vary.

Want to learn more about where your blog should reside? Read our blog post where we go into even more detail about blog domain name strategies (this link will open in a new window).

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