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Google Sitemaps May be the Key to Getting on Google.

Google just released a FREE way for your site to be listed in the Google search engine! It's called Google Sitemaps. In the past, getting listed on Google has consisted of months of waiting for Google to find out about your website. So, why all of the sudden have they changed their tune? Here is what happened…

In August, Yahoo made headlines when they announced that they have indexed more than 20 Billion items on the net making it the largest Search engine in the world. This gave Yahoo the ultimate bragging rights. Not to be outdone, Google started scrambling for a way to "one up" their biggest competition. What they did was something unprecedented. Usually, the search engines make you jump though hoops and wait months before a submitted site shows up in their search (Yahoo actually makes you pay to be added). But, this time, bragging rights was on the line. Instead of charging a fee to be included in their listings, they have just released a beta version of an easy (and free!) way to have your site added to Google's search. It's called Google Sitemaps.

What is Google Sitemaps?

Instead of waiting for Google to find your site in the vast expanse of Cyberspace with their crawlers (automated computers that find websites and add them to Google), Sitemaps allows you to tell Google exactly where you are and what you have to offer. In other words, Google Sitemaps allows you to put yourself on the map rather than waiting and waiting and waiting to get listed!

"Sounds Great, But Can Anyone Do It?"

The great thing about Google's new announcement is that anybody who has a website can participate for free in their Sitemaps program. However, in order to take part, you have to abide by Google's rules. This is where it gets tricky for those of who are not web geeks. More specifically, Google's rules include some fairly technical specifications. For example, you'll need to have knowledge of connecting to and uploading files to a web server. You'll also need to be familiar with Python scripts, XML files, and cron jobs. If your reaction to that last sentence was "um, what?" or if you had a sudden urge to scratch your head in total confusion, don't panic; there's still hope for you and your site!

At Dakno, we actually offer a specialized service to prepare your Google-ready Sitemap, so you don't have to do anything. We'll handle the alphabet soup for you. After all, we live and breath this stuff, so-although it's not as easy as 1, 2, 3-we can definitely save you hours of stress and frustration.

Who Benefits from Google Sitemaps?

So, who benefits from Google Sitemaps? The short answer is easy: you! For the time being, Google is allowing all web site owners to take advantage of this great listing opportunity. With the ability to list every page of your site immediately-rather than waiting for the crawlers to come-you have an advantage over millions of other websites because you will be helping your page ranking right away. You are telling Google where and who you are. In so doing, you're opening up a direct line of communication with Google, so you can feel confident that your place on their map is assured.

When so much on the web seems out of your control, here is one place you can be in total control. But, believe it or not, there are a number of additional ways that you can easily and quickly improve your place in the web world and start seeing more traffic than ever before. Keep reading below for tips.

With so many sites on the web vying for attention, you need all the help you can get to push your site to the top. With a well-designed SEO plan, you can see great results. With a little help, we can get you on the map in no time at all. Give us a call today.

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