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Choosing A Web Hosting Provider

Reliability -Choosing a provider that is reliable should be your top concern. Do they have a reputation for always having problems? Do they offer an uptime guarantee?

Uptime - This is the amount of time that the provider is operating their servers without any problems. In other words, the time that your site is up and running properly. Do they list their uptime guarantee?

Support - What happens if you have a problem? Is their support information easily accessible? What forms of support do they offer? Toll free phone support? Email only? How difficult is it to reach someone in the event of a problem?

Money Back Guarantee - How confident are they in their service? Do they offer a 10, 20 or 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

Pricing - Are there hidden set-up fees? Are they a cut rate provider?

Additional Features

A Web Hosting Provider provides more than just storage space for your website. Here are some additional features to look for...

Email Accounts - Check to see how many true POP3 email accounts are offered with your package.

Web Based Email Access - This provides the ability to access your email via any computer connected to the internet though a web browser.

Spam/Virus Filtering - Ability to automatically filter out viruses and spam.

Shared SSL certificate - You will need a secure certificate to conduct secure transactions. Be sure to check if the hosting provider gives you access to a SSL certificate.

Website Statictics - This gives you the ablity to monitor the amount of traffic your site receives.

Databases - As your site grows, you will probably want to implement database integration. Ensure the hosting provider has the ability to continue to service your company as you grow.

Extra/Hidden charges - See if the hosting provider charges extra fees for the above services.

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