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Repeat, Consistent Impressions Are the Name of the Game

Your brand is more than just your logo. Your brand is the public image and feelings it convey about a real estate agent or company. It's the result of all its marketing efforts rolled into one. If there is a well thought out, sales-driven plan that all the work is based on, you will build an effective and memorable brand. (Which is why we encourage our clients to develop a style guide.)

If instead your print ads are different from your real estate website, which is different from your business cards and email stationery, which doesn’t have the same look as your signage, you build no brand equity and instead have a hodgepodge with little marketing value.

Dakno understands that brand consistency is essential, and we will help you develop a website and promotional materials that you’ll be proud to show off and that will put the power of branding to work for you. It is important to keep in mind that having a website is not the same thing as having an online presence. Without any coordinated efforts to drive traffic to the website there is little chance that it will thrive and be the powerful selling tool our experience has shown us it can be. For some tips on effective traffic generation, visit our Free Resources section.

Your Real Estate Website Developer Should Do More Than Write Code

Because Dakno considers itself a marketing firm that develops real estate websites, instead of a website development company that plays at marketing, we go about things a little differently than most Realtors have come to expect. We believe the first order of business is to determine where our clients want to take their companies, because if you don’t know where you are going, it’s awfully hard to get there.

Once a target audience is defined, and the particulars of your specific market are accounted for, we’ll help you to identify a competitive advantage. We then develop a look and feel for your promotional materials that is appropriate considering all we have learned about your company.

You Are Your Brand, But Is Your Brand Really You?

Much of what sets one Realtor apart from the next is his or her personality. If the person you truly are isn’t who a buyer or seller expects to meet, the unfortunate result is that this potential customer will believe they have been misled. They might not realize this, of course, but everyone has experienced that unsettled feeling that something isn’t quite right, and there is no reason to risk this happening.

That's why it's extraordinariy important that the tone of all branding efforts generated are naturally in keeping with the personality of the business being promoted. If there is a disconnect between the perceptions that are created by a campaign and the reality of working with a particular real estate company, than an opportunity to build trust has been lost. Since trust is the most important aspect of relationship building, this sort of mistake can cost you a client before you have even had a chance to win them over.

Dakno offers a complete graphic design services for real estate agents and brokerages. Read more about how developing a consistent, professional look will set you apart from your competition, and see some examples of effective designs now.

Convinced yet? If you want the best in online marketing and real estate web design, you've come to the right place. Contact us today to learn more about our services.
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