Offsetting Your Blog Maintenance

Writing Resources to Help You Maintain Your Blog

Mortgage Companies

The Mortgage shakeup

Landscape Architects

Interview a landscape architect!

Another blog post idea is to create a set of interview questions to ask local business owners. They will probably jump at the opportunity for free advertising. Ask them questions that will be easily tied back to real estate and the community. Try asking these questions to a landscape architect.

Questions to ask could include:
1. If someone wants to inexpensively improve the curb appeal of their home, what plant materials would you recommend to add a splash of color to the yard? Be sure note seasonal plant types and provide "how to tips" for maintaining the plant to guarantee the plants not only survive but thrive.
2. If a buyer has just purchased a new home, what type of seed and fertilizer is best suited for lawns in our area?
3. What makes it so great to live here?
4. What varieties of rose bushes are best suited for our area? Can you recommend water and feeding tips?
5. When is the best season to plant shrubs and trees for our area?

Local Schools

Chamber of Commerce

Interview the Chamber President..."Why do people relocate to your area? Gain the chamber's perspective.

Additional Resources

Local Blogs – Tap into the Local Online Social Networks

From the eyes of a local client (lead them in the direction you want them to go in via targeted questions)

Ask a prospective Home Buyer to write a post from his or her perspective
Home Sellers Perspective

Connecting with Local Media

Stroke their ego
Comment on their articles
Reply to editorials
Quote them in your blog
You don’t always have to agree! (keep personal stuff out of it)

Create an Online News Room or Press Room on your website. That's where reports go to see what role you play in the media and how you leverage the media for publicity.

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