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Everyone's Talking About Branding Lately

So what's the big deal? We could go on about entering into a potential client's "decision set" and use words like synergy, but in the end the important thing to keep in mind is that branding is about creating an emotional association that customers will connect with you and your business. Your brand is the overall perception people form of your company, product or service based on their encounters with your promotional efforts and marketing materials, including your website.

Branding Checklist

  1. Does my company or product have a recognizable "look" that is fitting?
  2. Are my marketing materials (website, logo, business cards, print ads) consistent and recognizable to my clients/potential clients?
  3. Are you constantly building and communicating your value?
  4. Do your employees communicate your brand to potential clients?

Read more about how multiple impressions develop brand awareness now, or contact us to get started putting the power of branding to work for you.

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