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Editing Your Website Just Became So Much Easier - Dakno Admin!


Without a doubt, the number one problem we hear most from real estate professionals is just how difficult it is to add a page, edit content and upload images to a site. At Dakno Real Estate Marketing, we believe your site management tools should be user-friendly and as easy to use as a word processor. And that's how easy it is with Dakno's Dakno Admin! With your Dakno Admin site editor and lead management system, all you need is an Internet connection and a basic knowledge of Word Processing. Prior to launching your Dakno custom website or SwiftSite, we'll even provide training to make it as easy and painless as possible for you to manage your website and its leads. Having the luxury to easily control your real estate website is worth the investment in a Dakno custom website or economical Dakno SwiftSite website.

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The Heart of Your Dakno Website

At the heart of every Dakno website beats the Dakno Admin site editor and lead management system. This site editor and lead management system is the programming engine behind your custom website and your SwiftSite. Armed with this control panel, you can enhance your website and its search ranking allowing you to effortlessly grow your site with limitless page-creation.


Editing Your Real Estate Website is Easier Than Ever


Plus, you can manage your Dakno website all from one easy-to-use portal. Development of this tool is the result of many years of using the best approach to real estate website development. The custom programming of numerous top-producing Realtors from around the United States and Canada has allowed us to distill and refine this programming engine to include the most sought after, high-valued tools, and proven functionality that makes a real estate website a powerful selling tool.


Refining Your Dakno Admin Site Editor & Lead Management Tool

And because our understanding of effective real estate website design is constantly being refined, so is our product line and services. Like all of the best business systems, Dakno Admin is a work in progress. As improvements are made due to insights we gain from working with our many web-savvy real estate partners the resulting usability enhancements and security upgrades are passed along to you automatically and free of charge*.


Like Your Personal Tour of Dakno's Dakno Admin System?

Contact Dakno today to schedule your personal tour of the Dakno Admin site editor and lead management system.

*Dakno will automatically pass along all usability enhancements and security upgrades. Special new programming features may incur a fee.

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