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Questions Frequently Asked About The Dakno SwiftSite Solution

Because educating the real estate professional is always our mission, we have detailed many of the most popular questions asked about this unique and exciting new real estate website solution.

Question: How much does the Dakno SwiftSite cost to set-up and is there a monthly cost?

Answer: The Dakno SwiftSite setup cost is $549 for the standard set up and the monthly fee is $49.00.

This includes the following components at no extra charge:

  • Monthly hosting
  • Complete use of the Dakno Dakno Admin (DA) site editor (create and edit unlimited pages). DA offers site owners tools to create Google mapped neighborhood and area information, Staff pages, Testimonial page, Lead generating form pages, upload and map featured listings and so much more!
  • Comprehensive Lead Tracking Tool - The easiest lead management tool in the industry allows you to assign leads to other agents and track lead notes for more effective lead management.
  • Google Analytics site monitoring and stats package
  • Email acount

Question: How long does it take to construct and launch my Dakno SwiftSite?

Answer: Provide us your color pallet, your logo, your images for the header along with any branding elements today and we will have your site LIVE usually within 30-45 days or maybe even less if the design is very simple! If you need Dakno to design you a logo or consult with you for a tagline or unique positioning statement, we offer these services paid by the hour or via one of our monthly retainer options.

Question: Can I create unlimited pages on my Dakno SwiftSite?

Answer: Yes - You may create as many pages in this site as you wish. It's all in your control.

Question: I've heard bad things about using frames to construct a website. Does the Dakno SwiftSite use frames?

Answer: No - We realize many real estate websites today are developed with frames and frames negate search engines from indexing those sites. ALL Dakno websites are coded without frames to WC3 compliance - SwiftSites and Dakno Premium Custom designed websites.

Question: I have a logo, tagline and imagery I would like to incorporate in my new SwiftSite. Is that possible with Dakno's SwiftSite product?

Answer: Absolutely! In fact, you receive 3 hours of design time and we will customize the header banner using your branding components to ensure your site has a unique look and feel. That way your site stands out in the digital world.

Question: I need an IDX property search tool for my Dakno SwiftSite website. Can you help me add a search tool to my Dakno SwiftSite?

Answer: Yes! Simply tell us which property search tool you would like for us to add to your site and it will be added to your Dakno SwiftSite. If you don't have a property search "link" provided by your franchise or broker/owner, Dakno will recommend several providers to secure a property search tool for your SwiftSite. Just remember any IDX setup fees and monthly cost for a property search tool are above our initial setup fee and monthly fees for the site.

Question: What if I want to upgrade my Dakno SwiftSite with additional customization can I do that later?

Answer: We can do that! It's not a problem! We simply redesign your SwiftSite while maintaining the existing programming engine of your SwiftSite. The transition is seamless and easy to accomplish.

Question: I know if I want a featured home right on the homepage, it is a customized item. Now, I know there is a featured listing page on the Dakno sites, but they all seem to pull from IDX. Is there a way to enter them ourselves?

Answer: Yes, a "Featured Listing" preview window is a custom add-on and yes, your listings can be easily uploaded via your Dakno Admin site editor.

Question: How much say do we have in the names of the main navigation buttons?  I see several SwiftSites have the main navigation buttons named differently.  Also, when you click on one to get the drop down, are we able to put whatever we want in the dropdown, such as a link to our mortgage companies website, etc?

Answer: Yes, customizing your main navigation buttons yourself is possible with your Dakno Admin site editor. While not always recommended, you can link to other websites off your main navigation buttons or a dropdown button.

Question: Along with your stock main navigation buttons could there just be one of the main buttons named "Adult Communities" with a drop down menu for additional articles?

Answer: Yes! You have all the options with your Dakno Admin site editor to customize your SwiftSite to your niche market and with your Dakno Admin site editor, you control the order of the main navigation as well as the fly out.

Question: How much of the SwiftSite can I customize?  I understand that there are several parts of the site that must be designed and developed by Dakno. We like to have control of our content and make changes to our site like adding images to the content section of the home page, creating new buttons or updating existing buttons? Can I do that with a Dakno SwiftSite?

Answer: Yes! Offering you greater control over your SwiftSite is what it's all about. Yes, you can effortlessly edit your content, add images to your content and even embed videos too! The areas where we offer you Dakno's customization includes the header and the side bar.

Question: Our current website offers school information, and a city demographics page. Can I build new web pages like these pages and upload our content on your SwiftSite?

Answer: Yes you can. With your Dakno Admin site editor you can create unlimited pages and upload your content with ease.

Question: I would assume the content and links within the text on the pages are customizable by us so we can keep them up to date?

Answer: Yes you can.

Question: On the website St Charles Best, that Dakno designed and developed SwiftSite website seems to be simple yet it offers some very interesting custom "buttons". Are those six graphic links for search the MLS, featured properties, the "live Chat" button, Buyers button, Sellers button and the special offers button considered to be customization?

Answer: Yes, you nailed it and all of those "buttons" are custom features we will gladly recreate for your new SwiftSite.

Question: Do you have examples of the Dakno SwiftSite?

Answer: Yes! Take a look at our real estate website portfolio here.

Ready to order your Dakno SwiftSite? Have other questions you would like answered? If so, contact us today and we will address all your questions and help educate you to all your options!

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