Getting Started with Your Dakno SwiftSite

Below is a quick checklist of items you should consider when using your 3 hours of design time for your new Dakno Real Estate SwiftSite.

  • You'll need to pull together one (1) primary image for your header. If you wish to customize the header beyond the 3 hours of design for a standard SwiftSite you may use 3 or 4 primary royalty-free images (or more if you like) that effectively tell the visual story of your target market (geographic or demographic). Having images that embrace that targeted market is important. If you don't own royalty-free images for the SwiftSite header, be sure to check out By going to istockphoto, you can create a Lightbox (fancy term for image folder) and send us the link of your selected preferred image(s) for your header design.
  • Next decide what primary colors you want for your SwiftSite? It is recommended you limit your color pallet to 3 colors for the purpose of color harmony. Remember, dark colors (black, dark gray, navy blue and burgundy) convey a feel of luxury, pastels (lime green, pale blue, beige) are more fun and “contemporary” while earth tones are for the most part may be viewed as traditional colors. Decisions of color should be made with your preferred demographic in mind. (Gen-Y or Gen-X first time buyers-have fun with brighter colors, boomers & classics-select traditional colors, luxury-maybe select more rich darker colors.)
  • To customize your SwiftSite even more, consider adding a background image. Because more monitors are larger, please decide what pattern or image you want for your design background? Remember, those site visitors with 13’ monitors will never see the background image while bigger monitors will. Here are examples of custom backgrounds.

A. Example of a wallpaper like background:

B. Example of a silhouetted image as a background:

C. Example of a portion of the overall design integrated in the background:

D. Example of a gradient color used as a background:

E. Example of multiple colors in the background:

  • Send us your logo file for the header (if you have one)
  • Send us your tagline (again, if you have one)
  • Give consideration to additional custom feature graphics (buttons) you want added to the site to help the site visitor more quickly click and engage on your site. Four primary custom feature graphic buttons to consider include:

A. "Find a Homes” button

B. “Community Info/Explore Neighborhoods” button

C. "Market Data" button

D. "How Much is My Home Worth" button

  • What URL (domain name) will you use for the site?
  • Know where you will secure your MLS property search link from?
  • Do you want to offer your social media site links too? Customize your SwiftSite beyond the standard design setup by adding icons to your social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

Ready to get Started with Your New Dakno SwiftSite?

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